Sunday, August 11, 2013

What is a Positive Critic?

Most people think that a critic is a person who looks at the negative side of things.  And sadly, many critics feel that way.  They think highly of themselves for being a bullshit detector rather than a person who simply enjoys art.  And that kind of lifestyle is straining you from enjoying the finer things in life.  Should it make more sense to ignore something that doesn't appeal to you, instead of whining about it again and again -- especially online?

You see, being negative gives you some sort of power.  That you are better than the artist.  And rarely would he challenge you or call your bluff because after all, it's just your opinion.  Okay.  That's an opinion.  And I suppose that it should be valuable because it's negative?  This quackery sounds hilarious but I read somewhere that blog owners and Public Relation companies are offering positive opinions to restaurant owners in exchange of a fee.  If they refuse, they would attack his establishment with a string of criticisms. My friends, that is blackmail.  But you can imagine how worse could it get if this is done in movies, in books, in pieces of art?   

True criticism is to search for beauty.  And then you share it to others through writing, speech or any medium you are most comfortable with.  Sometimes, you would dive into a pile of rubbish to snatch a piece of diamond.  And it would fill you with so much joy that you forget yourself as you share this treasure to others.  You uplift the artist, and make more friends.  Why not be more positive?

To become a positive critic -- which I am an apprentice of, one needs exposure, an attention to feelings and details, and the value of sharing.  Because of the Internet, everyone can now go up the Ivory Tower. 

What would you like to share, my dear Reader? 

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